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Okta SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) for Teamspective
Okta SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) for Teamspective
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Our Okta integration enables your organization to manage Teamspective access from Okta and users to sign into the service using their Okta credentials. This guide walks you through configuring Single Sign-On (SAML) in OKTA for your Teamspective workspace.

Supported features

  • SP-initiated SSO

  • IdP-initiated SSO

⚠️ Read this before you enable SAML

Enabling SAML affects all users in your Teamspective workspace.

Users won’t be able to sign in through the regular sign-in page without Okta SSO.

Misconfiguration support

In case of a SAML misconfiguration preventing service access, contact [email protected] for assistance.

Configuration steps

Before you start configuring Okta for Teamspective, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • you have an Okta account with admin privileges

  • you have workspace admin access to Teamspective

1. In Teamspective

  1. Log in to Teamspective as a workspace admin user

  2. Navigate to workspace settings

  3. Scroll to Okta section and click *Start*

  4. Copy the *Workspace ID. You’ll need these in Okta.

2. In Okta

  1. As an admin user, go to the Okta administrator console

  2. Go to the *Applications* tab and click *Browse App Catalog*

  3. Search for *Teamspective* and click *Add application*

  4. In *General settings* you can edit the display name of the service (we recommend keeping the existing value)

  5. Click *Done*

  6. In the *Sign On* settings tab of the application, click *Edit*

  7. Add the workspace id you copied in Teamspective to *Teamspective Workspace Public ID* and click *Save*

  8. Click on *More details* in the settings and copy the following values for setup in Teamspective

    1. Sign on URL

    2. Issuer

    3. Signing Certificate

3. In Teamspective

  1. Set the values you copied from Okta to the Okta section in workspace settings

Field in Teamspective

Value from Okta

Okta Sign on URL

Sign on URL

Okta Issuer


Okta Signing Certificate

Signing Certificate

2. Click *Activate*

Your workspace in Teamspective is now connected to Okta! From this on, all users in the workspace must authenticate using Okta SSO. To make changes or disable the integration, contact your customer success representative or Teamspective support at [email protected].

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